Mulberry advances leather in its marketing strategy

United Kingdom
Published:  26 February, 2016

The British brand, known for its classic satchel-inspired brown leather bags, is to strengthen its marketing strategy by building on the advantages of its high quality leather bags, and the availability of craftsmen to repair them, a custom service offered by few luxury brands such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

Thierry Andretta, Mulberry’s CEO appointed in March 2015, said the brand plans to reconnect with its roots as an upmarket British brand offering sturdy and chic handbags at fair prices.

Andretta replaced Bruno Guillon, who previously worked for Hermès and led Mulberry to a damaging high price strategy, with bags being sold by as much as US$2,600, twice as much as Mulberry’s core price range.

Most of the brand’s handbags are now sold under US$1,400 and, in a move to get closer to its customers, the company plans to emphasise the fact that it has dozens of skilled craftsmen available to repair them, a service only a few luxury labels offer. All the bags are said to be manufactured in Europe, of which around half in Somerset, South West England, by some 600 skilled workers.

Source: Reuters