Subjects proposed include process management to technology evaluation, as well as design and environmental management within the leather industry. Roberto Kamelman, President of the XXXIII IULTCS Congress organising commission, says he is very pleased with the number of papers that have been submitted. “Professionals connected to the leather sector from nearly every continent have sent their work, which shows how relevant the event is to the industry and confirms that it is indeed the world’s most important leather technology event.”

The number of abstracts proposed, says Kamelman, “also suggests that there will be a great number of visitors to the Congress”. “We’re expecting at least 1,000 people, among them technicians and tanneries, chemical and components industries representatives, as well as students and researchers.”

In addition to the IULTCS conference, the XIX FLAQTIC Congress (the Latin American Federation of Leather Industry Chemists and Technicians Associations) and the XXI ABQTIC national meeting will also take place.