180 works from 24 different countries will be presented during the three-day event, which is bringing together leather production chain leaders from all over the world, in a rich and diverse program “to make this year’s edition an event to be remembered for the quality of its debates and the high level of abstracts selected for presentations”.
The opening ceremony will be followed by a presentation entitled ‘Leather Innovation – The Brazilian Design Case’, by Mauricio Medeiros, a renowned Brazilian designer who has over 30 years of experience in fashion and the creative economy industry.

Dr Mark Stang, Technical Manager for Colours and Leather Development at Bentley Motors will talk on: ‘Bentley: Redefining Luxury for the 21st Century’ on the second day of the event, November 26.

On the third day, Álvaro Flores, Coordinator of CSCB (the Brazilian Leather Sustainability Certification), will discuss the details of the first certificate at worldwide level that takes economic, social and environmental matters into consideration in one single document

In addition to the IULTCS conference, the XIX FLAQTIC Congress (the Latin American Federation of Leather Industry Chemists and Technicians Associations) and the XXI ABQTIC National Meeting are also scheduled.

Leather industry leaders present at the Congress include, Patricia Casey, IULTCS’ President, Regina Cánovas Teixeira, President of FLAQTIC (the Latin American Federation of Leather Industry Chemists and Technicians Associations), Cézar Müller, President of ABQTIC (the Brazilian Association of Leather Industry Technicians and Chemists), and José Fernando Bello, President of CICB (the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry).