The event is seen as a platform for international and domestic machinery, chemicals, accessories & allied products, manufacturers and distributors, aimed at the tanning, footwear and leather goods sector in Bangladesh.

According to organisers around 140 exhibitors from 10 different countries including China, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Italy, Singapore and Japan, participated at the three-day trade show, which was inaugurated by Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, Bangladesh’s Industry Secretary.

“The leather sector has been identified as a priority sector and the Government is establishing an eco friendly leather zone in Savar, to help attract foreign buyers,” said Bhuiyan explaining that as 75% per cent of Bangladesh’s export earning come from garment exports the leather sector has the potential to grow further.

Building on the cooperation between both countries, Rafeeque Ahmed, Chairman of India’s Council for Leather Exports, was present as a special guest. “It is in our best interest that we understand and support each other in training, technology, planning, designing, and wherever else possible, to grow together”, said Ahmed.

One of the aims of the tannery zone in Savar is to help expand the footwear and leather goods sector to, ultimately, surpass the garment sector. However, the relocation of the tanneries currently situated in Hazaribagh, a suburb of Dhaka, has been subject to much conflict and an ultimatum has been given by Bangladesh’s Ministry of Industry whereby no tanneries will be allowed to operate in the area after December 31. Read more here.