However, the ongoing sales success of the new A-Class resulted in worldwide growth for the compact cars in April, +0.6%. A contribution to this growth came from the new A-Class Saloon, a further model complementing the compact-car entry into the world of premium saloon cars from Mercedes-Benz. Unit sales of SUVs were still dampened in April by the model changes, according to the manufacturer.

In Europe, 71,263 units were delivered in April (-4.8%). In Germany, the region’s core market, sales of 24,970 units in April were slightly below the high prior-year level (-1.3%). In the major markets of France and Russia, unit sales increased in both April and the first four months of the year. In France, Mercedes-Benz achieved a new record for January to April; +2.8%.

In the Asia-Pacific region, a total of 79,125 vehicles (-1.4%) were sold. In China, sales continued to grow and reached a new high of 232,050 units in the first four months of the year (+2.2%). Unit sales were at a new record level also in April, with deliveries of 57,707 vehicles (+0.8%). In Singapore and Vietnam, unit sales increased at double-digit rates in the first four months and also reached new record levels.

A total of 111,668 units were sold in the NAFTA region from January to April (-11.7%). In the U.S., a total of 22,949 units were sold in April (-15.7%), with sales in the first four months of the year totalling 94,120 units (-10.9%).