In his presentation, van Haarst will introduce Smit & Zoon’s latest product launch, Zeology, a new, sustainable tanning concept which is chrome-, heavy-metal- and aldehyde-free and is said to offer superior leather performance. Smit & Zoon’s new subsidiary, Nera, has developed the concept over four years as a sustainable alternative to existing tanning agents using Zeolite, a responsibly sourced, natural material as a key component. Van Haarst will outline the environmental benefits of the system as well as the consistent tanning results which can be achieved, including light-fastness, heat-resistance and colour brightness.

About the presenter

Hans van Haarst, a Chemical Engineer by education, is the CEO of Dutch Smit & Zoon Group. Before joining Smit & Zoon, he progressed his international career in the chemical industry with several blue chip companies in leadership and management positions. His view on business strategy is anchored in the principles of Purpose, People, Planet and Profit and he leads his organisation accordingly. The inception and development of the newly introduced Smit tanning solution is based on these same principles.