Tanners all around the world are getting more and more uncomfortable with the changes being forced upon them by their customers (the product manufacturers/brands) changing attitudes, by which is meant.

–       No more long programs fixed in advance from the buyers.

–       More and more samples to be presented by the tanner, in many different colours, shiny, touch, various finishes etc. 

This process goes backwards and forwards, again and again until suddenly when/if the order comes in it is for a delivery within 10 days.

What does this mean:

– No respect for the tanner

– No understanding of the work to be carried out.

– If the tanner is forced to go too fast, the outcome may be wrong, the leather will be rejected and the delivery impossible to meet.

At this current moment, time seems to be running faster and faster, there is a lack of trust and there are very few people left in the brands/buyers businesses with the right kind of knowledge and understanding of what is required.

The result is that tanners often have to produce a large range of selections and quantities produced in advance and ready for immediate shipment when/if the order comes in. 

The end of the story is that business then becomes very risky for tanners and for a number of them they are beginning to worry if they are still doing the right thing and if they will be able to live and survive with these changes or not.

I welcome your opinions.

Ron Sauer