Led by Paula Lanzelotti from the Melacrom Quality Control Laboratory, the Conference will focus on laboratory analysis for the detection of legally restricted substances in the tanning industry as well as provide an analytical approach of such capacities in Argentina and abroad.

Other topics to be discussed include the application of analysis tools to meet the growing demands imposed by international trade, environmental and public health issues, a description of official and current analytical methods for the investigation of substances listed in REACH, the influence of sampling and the highly complex analytical instruments available today, laboratory accreditation according to ISO17025, and the interpretation of laboratory results in the analysis of traces of chemical contaminants.

After graduating from the National University of Luján, Argentina, Lanzelotti carried out several postgraduate studies specialising in toxicology and instrumental analytical chemistry. Currently, she is a Professor in Chemistry and has been in charge of the technical management of Melacrom for the past 17 years.

For more information and to register for the Conference contact: info@aaqtic.org.ar