Following the Government’s policy of ‘Buy Made in Nigeria’, the Nigerian Army is said to have placed an order for 50,000 pairs of military shoes to be produced and supplied by shoe manufacturers in Aba, Abia State. Until now, the army has imported most of the footwear used by its soldiers.

The orders are to be extend to other military branches and the police. Okezie Ikpeazu, Governor of the Abia State, told local media he is optimistic about the potential to expand the shoe and leather products industry in the state as well as to create employment for unemployed youths.

According to local reports, the Nigerian government has already approved the construction of a ‘Leather Industry Village’ in the suburbs of Abia to boost the production capacity of the shoes, bags and accessories segments.

The ‘Buy Made in Nigeria’ policy aims to enable the country to become less dependent on imports, move towards self-sufficiency in local production and, ultimately, become an export-led economy in goods and services.

Source: Today