Eagerly awaited by the global leather industry to relaunch business, the upcoming edition of the ACLE will be the first international leather trade show to be organised in a post Covid-19 environment. According to the organisers, despite the market sentiment at the start of the year, the IMF is still forecasting the economy to grow 1.2% in 2020, followed by an expected rebound of up to 9.2% in GDP terms in 2021. “There is no better time to re-establish and reposition companies in China’s market that will be the major contributor to the return of global economic growth in 2021”, said the organisers in a statement, adding that as the situation improves in China, and other countries begin to ease the lockdowns, “businesses, including the exhibition industry, are getting back on track”.

Li Yuzhong, Chairman, CLIA, said the daily life of the public in China has basically returned to normal and that he consumer market has become more active. “It is expected that there will be rapid growth in the next few months. The Chinese consumer market is making a steady recovery and in view of consumers’ recognition of online shopping and payments, bricks-and-mortar establishments that sell products such as shoes, hats, bags, apparel, furniture and automobiles are actively adopting new marketing models, such as webcasting”, said Yuzhong. “The strong consumer market has undoubtedly boosted demand for raw materials such as leather, tanning chemicals and machinery, shoe materials and so on. In the face of new changes, new demands and new situations, Chinese leather companies are eager to find business opportunities, orders and professional business platforms”, he added.

Confirmed exhibitors at ACLE 2020 include Bader, Italpelli, Italretti, Henan Prosper, Xinji City Meihua Leather and Jinan Luri Junda Leather from China. The organisers said that associations from major hides exporting countries such as the CICB from Brazil and the LHCA from the U.S. have confirmed their interest in participating if travel conditions permit. Chemical suppliers such as D&R Research & Development of Colours from Portugal and Evonik Specialty Chemical from Germany are also said to have confirmed their intention to exhibit at the trade show.

The 23rd edition of the ACLE will also celebrate a milestone of the Eco-Leather mark launched by the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), with a special area where the award winners will display and present their products in a mini exhibition format. A half-day technological and development summit and various business matching sessions are also to be organised throughout the three-day show aimed at footwear, garment and automobile material buyers.