Soft AK 1N

Soft AK 1N is a synthetic-based fatliquor, which produces remarkable results for footwear and leather goods applications. Soft AK 1N has excellent penetration, does not cause looseness and produces a round and non-elastic texture. Soft AK 1N can be used for garment leathers because of its low specific weight and it can help the penetration and the distribution of other fatliquors and dyes.

This product is compatible with anionic and non-ionic surfactants, and therefore it can be used in combination with both. Soft AK 1N is very useful in the production of white and pastel coloured leathers because of its remarkable lightfastness and stability.

AQ System 566 Matt

AQ System 566 Matt is a novel topcoat product with a low environmental impact; its special highly concentrated formulation requires previous aqueous dilution (1:1) and so guarantees lower water transportation. AQ System 566 Matt provides a low VOC emission (<1% when used in a 1:1 dilution), which is a remarkable result for a topcoat product. Its excellent chemical and physical fastness is accompanied by a remarkable degree of dullness and a pleasant touch.


Letex introduces a novel series of varnish products – Isoflex 537 and Isoflex 588/OP.

Isoflex 537 provides an outstanding gloss, similar to the effect produced by a polyurethane-based bi-component system. Isoflex 588/OP gives a remarkable matt finishing without causing any greying effect and provides a natural appearance to the leather. Isoflex 588/OP leaves a warm, silky touch and is suitable for special applications such as “brush off” articles.


Vandoni announces a range of products recently improved to target the latest Italian fashion trends, such as waxed-finishing articles and pull-up effects.

LM Wax 2013 and LM Wax GUP: LM Wax 2013 has been developed for moderate to high burnish articles, with remarkable brilliance and repolishing effects. Furthermore, LM Wax GUP provides strong pull-up articles with no modification of the original softness of the leather.

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