The new collection reimagines three Adidas products – the Predator Accuracy, the Copa Pure and the X Crazyfast.

The boots all feature a lining and upper made of the “finest” leather, integrated with Adidas’ Fusion Skin material.

Adidas Football for Prada X Crazyfast features a premium leather upper combined with Fusion Skin, with a “heel lining for an elevated material finish without compromising the core visual values of the X”.

Meanwhile, the collection’s take on the Copa Pure boot has a silver leather upper finished with a leather lace cover as well as Fusion Skin and soft cushioning on the forefoot via a traditional quilted effect.

Finally, the Predator Accuracy boot has been reimagined with a nubuck finish with a Fusion Skin wrapping, finished in black with a Prada Linea Rossa stripe.