As previously reported by ILM, Adient’s Lozorno factory lost a seat production contract with Volkswagen to French rival Faurecia, which inaugurated a €20 million manufacturing plant in the region earlier this year.

According to local reports, Adient’s management studied several other options on both regional and global levels but no other effective solution was found. Around 250 Lozorno employees are to receive severance pay and further support, under the collective agreement, and management is said to have offered employees jobs at other Adient locations in Slovakia based on their qualifications.

“Making this decision wasn’t easy,” said Hynek Maňas, European Director of the manufacturing complete seat system division. “All projects dealing with the manufacture of complete seat systems in Lozorno will terminate after approximately 11 months and, therefore, this move was inevitable.” According to Maňas, the shutting down of the Lozorno plant will not affect other operations Group of the in the country.

Adient has another five production factories in Slovakia, a technological centre in Trenčín and a global business centre in Bratislava.

As for Faurecia, its new manufacturing plant in Bratislava is to employ 1,300 people. Read more here.

Source: Spectator