One way is to replace the traditional chemicals used in the beamhouse with natural biotech alternatives – which is exactly what Stahl’s Proviera – Probiotics for leather portfolio does. Now, further strengthening the portfolio, Stahl has launched ProDegreaze Plus – a high performance degreasing agent with emulsifying characteristics.

Stahl works closely with its partners to shape a better chemicals industry. By supporting tanners with low-impact chemical solutions, the company aims to help them meet the growing demand for sustainably produced leathers. With the addition of ProDegreaze Plus, tanners have another option that enables them to produce high-quality leathers with less impact on the environment.

Enhanced degreasing, low impact
The recently introduced ProDegreaze Plus complements the existing ProDegreaze solution. Performance benefits of ProDegreaze Plus compared with ProDegreaze, which will continue to be available, include enhanced degreasing performance, enhanced cleaning, and enhanced leveling. ProDegreaze Plus does all this while maintaining the excellent biodegradability properties of classic ProDegreaze. It combines the highly efficient fat distribution of the original ProDegreaze with stable emulsification action to disperse it in the float. It delivers a cleaner grain and brighter colours, while having an odourless effect on hides, skins and tannery equipment.

Versatile and easy to apply
ProDegreaze Plus can be used at any stage in the beamhouse process: presoaking, main soaking, unhairing, liming, deliming, and degreasing. It can also be used with pelt, pickle, wet-blue, and wet-white systems, plus Stahl BeTan beamhouse solutions, Stahl EasyWhite and EasyBlue tanning systems, Stahl Densodrin and Densotan waterproofing systems, and to create Stahlite lightweight leather.

The power of probiotics
ProDegreaze Plus is the latest addition to the Proviera – Probiotics for leather portfolio. All Proviera products use probiotic microorganisms to produce postbiotic metabolites that behave as wetting, dispersing and degreasing agents in the leather process. These probiotic-derived metabolites can replace the traditional fossil fuel-based agents used in the leather process. Through this they contribute to a cleaner, safer process for workers and a lower environmental footprint.

The Proviera – Probiotics for Leather portfolio includes three other solutions: ProSpread for removing organic material and enhancing dyestuff, ProSoak for hydrating hides and creating a more open structure, and ProDegreaze for removing fats and improving tear and tensile strength.

*This article is an advertorial provided by Stahl.