Agent M represents TFL’s latest marketing campaign promoting Magnopal IPF – a new leather chemical filling solution that selectively fills voids in the looser areas of hides and skins. The resultant leather is as light as a feather yet maintains its natural character.

The ILM digital magazine is designed to offer an enhanced user experience compared with static pdf page-turning, e-magazines and the embedded video content within the editorial or as part of a company marketing campaign such as the Agent M video makes the App more interactive.

ILM Premium Members can now download the January-February edition of ILM to a tablet or smartphone for Apple and Android devices via the International Leather Maker App. The latest market-leading 92-page edition includes the latest scientific, chemical and machinery technology, legislation and environment related editorial from around the world.

The ILM App can be downloaded from Google Play for Android or the App store “by clicking on this link” for Apple devices.

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