Dr Roberto Mariano Mecenero was elected as the new President of the AICC following the first meeting of the new Executive Council, held on February 16 in Santa Croce sul Arno (PI). Dr Mecenero has been an active member of the last two Executive Councils, representing the Veneto region.

Holding a degree in Chemistry from the University of Ferrara, Dr Mecenero started his career in the tanning sector in 1976 as a Production Manager at Conceria PellMec. After the merger between Dani and PellMec, he has held the roles of Head of the Chemistry and Physics laboratory, Head of Research and Development, and Chemicals Purchasing Manager within the Group. Since 2018, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Dani and Volpi. He was appointed as Treasurer of the AICC in 2013.