Held from 9am to 1pm at the Auditorium of Chiampo (VI), Italy, the short course is offered in Italian, in collaboration with the Provincial Association of the Graduated Chemists of the Veneto Region, the College of Industrial Experts and the Industrial Graduates of Vicenza Province, who will attribute formative credits to the participants.

The course will cover topics related to the wet dye application such as dye synthesis, molecular structure (nomenclature and colour index), quality control, azo dyes and their properties, colour dispersion and spectra-control of dyes. Pigment finishing applications will also be discussed, including colorimetric bases, reflection measures, metamerism, the advantages and limits of different instrument, dyes and pigments for leather finishing as well as colour formulation, sampling and correction.

Pre-registration is mandatory on the AICC’s website www.aicc.it. So far, 150 people have already registered to attend.