Announced at the 115th Annual Convention of the American Leather Chemists Association, Robert White is retiring as the Editor of the Journal of the American Leather Chemists (JALCA) and is to be replaced by Steve Lange, Director of the Leather Research Laboratory. White has been the Editor of JALCA for the past 13 years during which he expanded the editorial board to better reflect the international character of the Journal’s contents, as well as the development of an online version. Previously, White worked for Rohm & Haas for 25 years and Eagle Ottawa Leather Company for ten years before starting his own leather consulting firm, Quailtek Resources. JALCA’s new Editor, Steve Lange, has been in the leather industry for almost 30 years, mostly working at Seton Company.

During the convention, Carol Adcock, Executive Secretary, ALCA, presented Robert White with a plaque in recognition of his service as JALCA editor.