Their specialties include all products necessary to produce classic American Lifestyle Leathers, including stuffing oils and waxes for the wet-end, as well as hot melt oils and waxes for the heated roller application and the original hot stuffing process.

In addition to above, Tannin produces a wide range of hydrophobic fatliquors and waterproofing compounds required to produce the highest specifications needed in today’s market. They offer a unique process combining both hydrophobic and oiled properties to produce waterproof Crazy Horse types!

Tannin Corporation also produce a large range of fatliquors, fillers and specialised retanning agents to produce a wide variety of leathers including shoe, garment, bag, glove, furniture upholstery and automotive upholstery.

Several special leathers, including those made from economic substrates, will be on display in our stand along with representatives from our US headquarters and global distributors.

Tannin Corporation is proud to announce the recent certification of their manufacturing facility, Marden-Wild of Canada, for ISO9001:2008. This achievement is part of their ongoing quality assurance efforts and is considered part of a continuing process.

Visit hall E3/stand D11