Her presentation ‘Tanning and Leather in Italy – An example of excellence in Circular Economy’ will give an overview of the challenges the pursuit of a circular system poses with regards to the reduction of resources, recycling and reuse of materials as well as define the elements of successful circular economy set-ups based on the example of the Italian tanning sector, which has successfully implemented best practice following the introduction of UNIC’s Circular Economy Challenge, which was launched last year. Thanks to the symbiosis created in the tanning clusters, the Italian tanning industry has developed an economic system that can transform and repurpose scraps and waste into new materials and products. The presentation describes the experiences gained so far and presents examples of excellence that keep materials in a reproduction cycle for as long as possible, contributing to circular economy goals.

Fabiana Orlandi

Fabiana Orlandi 

About the presenter

Fabiana Orlandi is an expert for UNIC’s Sustainability and Environmental Department.
Her commitment to sustainability dates back to 2013 when UNIC introduced sustainability into its core practices, bringing together all social, environmental and ethical issues into its annual sector report. She manages the annual UNIC sustainability report which enforces the Italian tanning sector’s commitment to sustainability, working with the sustainability team as well as organising and chairing workshops. A chemist by trade, she specialises in environmental, product safety and health regulations, and has extensive experience in social accountability. Passionate about Circular Economy and CSR, she is part of the Sustainability Working Group of Confindustria Moda and is member of the Technical Commission for Circular Economy of UNI (the Italian standardisation body).

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