Hidexe’s intuitive transaction software-as-a-service H-SaaS can give the entire leather industry the impetus to move quickly in the right direction without much effort. Consequently, we will soon be able to assign analogue procurement to history.

Hidexe’s transactional software (enabling do-it-yourself auctions, RFPs, online negotiations, documentation, fulfilment etc.) was built with a specific goal: to help the leather industry migrate from inadequate and re-purposed procurement solutions that have been left in place for way too long. The prevalent reliance on unsynchronised Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, emails and physical meetings is not only inhibiting growth and profitability, but is also preventing the leather industry from materially improving its carbon footprint and transparency.

Hidexe.com offers the world’s only B2B transaction software for hides, skins, leather and by-products. This digital solution gives professional buyers, sellers, traders and agents powerful integrated tools that make complex procurement transactions easy. It was designed by experienced leather professionals specifically for leather professionals, and is highly relevant across the globe, from raw to finished.

Hidexe’s software-as-a-service, called H-SaaS, not only guides users through repetitive procurement tasks with helpful checklists and notifications, but also eliminates the need for business travel and significantly improves transaction traceability. Most importantly, this new digital tool can give meat processors an inexpensive channel to place hides that are currently being sent to landfill because they are unable to find buyers.

Consequently, digital procurement needs to be recognised as a pivotal industry driver for sustainable growth. Hidexe’s system is 100% digital, real-time, works around the clock 24/7 and is available from anywhere, regardless of the device or operating system. The best part is that Hidexe’s volumetric fees (1% of traded market value, calculated on a per load/20 ft container basis) are very affordable, 100% success-based and require zero upfront capital expenditure.

*This article is an advertorial provided by Hidexe