Paul Littlefair, Head of International, RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will be presenting topical discussion around these subjects at the Leather & Sustainability in Retail  Conference to be held in central London; Wednesday December 9, 2015. 

The presentation will include:-

  • Trends in the development of animal welfare standards globally
  • The Animal Protection Index as a tool to measure progress in policy, standards and legislation
  • Animal welfare trends in China
  • The rise in consumer awareness: Where does leather come from? How was it produced? What does the label mean?


Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to meet Paul Littlefair and also hear what other leading speakers have to say about other important drivers in the manufacture of sustainable leather.

Co-organised by BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd and International Leather Maker, the conference is sponsored by Stahl International BV and Lectra UK Ltd.

Contact Deborah Taylor at BLC for more information about the speaker or to register your place at: