The importance of APLF as the meeting place of the global leather industry is borne out by the combination of institutional and commercial organisations that participate at this prestigious event.

The fair aims to bring together the whole leather making supply chain from raw hides to a myriad of fashion and automotive leathers with professional attendees from all corners of the globe, exchanging views and meeting with peers and competitors under one roof.

Associations and national pavilions

For the fair’s 40th anniversary (1984-2024) there will be annual meetings for the following entities:

International Council of Tanners (ICT), ICHSLTA, Conseil National du Cuir (CNC), Leathersellers’ Company, Leather UK, Leather Working Group and Leather Naturally.

In addition to the support offered by the above organisations, APLF is also supported by the following national pavilions from major tanning nations: Australia’s AHSLEA, Brazil’s CICB and Assintecal, China’s CLIA, France’s FFTM and SCGP, Germany, Italy’s Assomac, UNIC and Consorzio Vera Pelle, India’s CLE, Japan’s JLIA, South Korea’s KTA, Mexico, Pakistan’s PTA, Portugal’s APIC, Spain’s Acexpiel, Thailand’s TTIA, Türkiye’s ITKIB and USA’s LHCA.

Meanwhile, major manufacturing countries such as China, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Vietnam are present in Fashion Access, along with Mongolia also participating in the fair. The whole supply chain, from raw hides and skins to finished leather, process chemicals and machinery suppliers, will be present at the leather fair, as can be seen from the depth of official associations and leading tanning countries.

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