Each APLF Virtual Exhibition was held in the time zone of the market concerned and aimed at bringing together local buyers with new and existing suppliers globally. A total of over 100 exhibitors participated in the three virtual events, which attracted over 8,500 visits, according to the organisers. The APLF Virtual Exhibitions received support from national associations such as the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA), India’s Council for Leather Exports (CLE) and Leather Apex and the Leather Export Council of Egypt for Africa and the Middle East.

For the Africa and Middle East event, Prof Mwinyikione Mwinyihija, President of the International Council of Tanners (ICT) and Executive Director of the Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI), participated in the webinar programme. Overall, a total of 21 webinars were organised across the three events, which included a presentation by Leather Natural and an overview of the U.S. leather sector. During the digital event for China, Chen Zhanguang, Secretary General, CLIA, presented an analysis on the current state of the China leather and footwear industry.