Silvateam R&D laboratories has developed new solutions for chrome-free articles, called Ecotan. These solutions permit to use natural products and chemicals having less impact on the environment as substitutes of hazardous chemical products while adding value and enhancing the beauty of leather.

The latest solution at Silvateam consists of Blancotan CAT, a dihydroxi-diphenyl-sulphone condensation product with cationic properties. Due to its neutral pH, it possesses a low astringency and therefore a good penetration in to the fibre, characteristic that associated to its self-fixing property, making Blancotan CAT easy and safe to be used.

Blancotan CAT is free from glutaraldehydes. It allows to get light coloured pretanned leathers, easy to shave and with a good light fastness.

Pretanning leather with Blancotan CAT permits to obtain articles showing excellent characteristic in term of fullness, roundness and tightness and dyeability. Both white or pastel coloured leathers can be made.

The new cationic syntan Blancotan CAT can be used to produce a large kind of articles such as automotive, upholstery, garments, shoe uppers and leather goods

The leathers treated with Blancotan CAT can be incinerated, without any risk of chromium (VI) formation.

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