Based on their core competencies and complementary efforts, the organisations are forming an alliance of resources and offerings for the global value chain. “Covid has been a very negative backdrop to so much industry news and it’s true that it has accelerated our views on the potential for transformational partnerships, but together we’ve been contemplating deeper integrations for years. The timing finally seems right”, said Amina Razvi, Executive Director, SAC.

The four organisations have documented their efforts with Letters of Intent clarifying their roles and commitments to cooperation in four areas: Programmes and Tools to connect complementary frameworks, such as the Higg Facility Environmental Module, ZDHC’s Roadmap to Zero Programme, and TE’s Corporate Fibre and Materials Benchmark; Impact Management and Funding to consolidate their efforts to benchmark impact improvements in key areas, prioritise the projects and programmes that will most accelerate impact for the value chain, directly partner in strategic fundraising in support of these efforts, and collaborate to create an annual report of results; a Global Implementation as a shared industry resource, by co-investing in infrastructure, training, education, and regional access; and Administration and Infrastructure whereby the organisations will seek a substantial decrease in resource expenditure on operational matters by engaging in shared services and creating economies of scale with external service providers.

“Our ultimate objective is to increase efficiency near term to accelerate our collective impact”, said Frank Michel, Executive Director, ZDHC. “There are some very exciting points of complementarity possible, and I think we have the right initial organisations at the table to do that.” Lewis Perkins, President, Aii, added, “Ultimately, we see this alliance as an open resource for the industry’s sustainability initiatives, a platform for long-term, efficient industry engagement. Covid is a wake-up call. We have to continually innovate to preserve our work as a core industry investment.”