The participants will be able to immerse into a diverse manufacturing reality and benefit from direct contact with skilled industry professionals on creating, developing and prototyping fashion footwear models. To be held in summer 2020, two different but complementary initiatives will be offered. From June 28 to July 3, the week will be dedicated to visits to companies with different manufacturing techniques, during which a mentor will explain the advantages and inconvenient of each method used. From July 4 to July 26, a summer course will comprise of factory visits, workshops, cultural and recreational activities in different locations across Portugal. During this three-week course, the participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with peers and footwear specialists, with the final objective of developing a shoe prototype.

“After having organised the UITIC Congress in Portugal in 2018, we felt that there was a great desire from international companies to get to know the reality of the Portuguese footwear industry. This is why we decided to develop these two initiatives”, said Luís Onofre, President, APICCAPS. For further information, click here.