Earlier this month, the company announced it would no longer offer leather as a material option.

In the article, MacRumors said: “The quality of the iPhone cases in particular seems to have riled some customers, with several MacRumors forum members stating they have returned the cases.”

Customers on the forum wrote: “After holding it in person, it feels more like a US$10 cheapo case from Amazon rather than Apple quality, especially at this price point.” The retail price of the case from Apple is US$60.

“Received and returned,” said another forum member. “Felt cheap, almost like cardboard.” Evan Eiga replied: “The case itself is nice IMO (in my opinion), but I’m not sure if the premium cost is worth it. Leather cases felt so much nicer. I am all for mother nature but when it comes to bang for the buck, FineWoven case is just subpar.” Most respondents to the website’s poll so far seemed to agree, according to the article posted on September 21.

“Apple’s cases for my phones since the iPhone 7,” said a user on X (formerly Twitter), “but I’ve never returned a case so fast like I did with the FineWoven case I pre-ordered last Friday. FineWoven looks like absolute trash.”

“Just got mine in the mail,” reported one Reddit user. “It’s basically like a polyester pillowcase sandwiched in a plastic shell. I don’t hate it, but at US$60 it is kind of insulting.”

“Same here,” replied another Redditor. “The material looks and feels pretty nice, although it’s 0% like leather or suede and definitely not worth US$60.”

The International Council of Tanners’ (ICT) recently wrote an open letter to Apple and it was the subject of Mike Redwood’s latest ILM comment.

Source: www.macrumors.com