The Beijing Court has ruled that the Chinese manufacturer Xintong Tiandi Technology can continue to use the “iPhone” name on its range of leather products, which include handbags, phone cases and wallets.

The Chinese manufacturer is said to have filed the trademark for the term ‘iPHONE’ in 2007, with the application being approved in 2010.

Apple, whose iPhones were not available in the Chinese market until 2009, had first filed for the trademark in 2002, but did not receive approval until 2013.

Yet more bad news for the technology company, which has reported a recent sales drop of 26% in the Chinese market. Apple is also said to be struggling to comply with a new Chinese legislation, which mandates that all content shown in China must be stored on servers located on the Chinese mainland, leading Apple to temporarily deactivate its iTunes and iBooks services in the region

Source: The Drum