These inspections are aimed at verifying compliance with the legal rules regarding the marketing of leather products and the protection of their authenticity, given the diversity of products on the market that use leather as a raw material and the availability on the market of synthetic products, to ensure fair competition between operators and the protection of consumer rights.

This monitoring action focused on the marketing of leather products, which have become increasingly important in the European Union, as well as on the need to ensure that consumers have access to correct information about the products they purchase, which is essential for them to be able to make their purchasing choices, based on criteria grounded on the actual characteristics of the products.

A total of 135 economic operators were inspected and six administrative offence proceedings were initiated, with the following main infractions standing out:

  • Failure to comply with the rules on the tagging or labelling of products
  • The lack of prices on goods, the absence of mandatory pictograms, among others.

11 articles of clothing were also seized for non-compliance with the rules on the marketing of leather products, as the denomination of the composition of the products placed on the national market, with an approximate value of €1,000.

ASAE will continue to carry out inspection actions within the scope of its competences, throughout the national territory, in favour of healthy and fair competition between economic operators.

This article is an advertorial provided by the Associação Portuguesa de Industriais de Curtumes (APIC).