The MoU is said to promote standards development cooperation and information exchange between the ASTM International unmanned aircraft systems committee (F38) and ASD-STAN’s UAS working group (ASD-STAN D05/WG08). ASD-STAN also announced the release of a new standard on direct remote identification (ASDSTAN prEN 4709-002) for public enquiry which, once published, will become a harmonised European Norm. The European standard incorporates ASTM International’s Remote ID standard (F3411) requirements for drone identification and tracking. Users from Europe and around the world can rely on compatible technical solutions.

ASTM International’s unmanned aircraft systems committee (F38) has over 528 members from 25 different countries who oversee 25 standards covering the airworthiness, flight operations, personnel training, qualification and certification for drones. ASD-STAN’s UAS working group (ASD-STAN D05/WG08) represents the European interests for the standardisation activities in the field of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) including, but not limited to, classification, design, manufacture, operation (including maintenance), and safety management of UAS operations.