ATC founder and President Jean-Pierre Gualino gave a short presentation followed by a cocktail party within Paris fair ground to invited ATC customers and French leather industry dignitaries.

In his address, Gualino outlined the company’s progress over forty years since it was founded in 1973 and talked about their plans for further expansion in the future.

ATC have two production sites located near Lyon in France and third located close to Pondicherry in Southern India.

“In 2014 we aim to expand capacity in the Pondicherry plant to be able to produce liquid dyes, pigment dispersions and finishing lacquers”, he told ILM. “This will give us the ability to produce a range of finishing leather chemicals.”

The expansion of the Indian plant is due to be completed around March/April 2014 and will allow ATC to produce the entire range of leather chemicals from the beamhouse, wet-end and finishing.

Gualino also said that the company had been listening to the concerns of their customers and they were working on providing tanners around the world with a range of “greener leather chemicals” now and in the future.

Production at their manufacturing sites in France is going well and is operating close to capacity he said.