Audi announced it will gradually initiate the restart of production at its plants in Europe during the coming weeks. The upcoming regulated restart in the worldwide Audi production network together with suppliers and service providers is to be coordinated with the Volkswagen Group, and the carmaker said the main component of the restart is a comprehensive package of measures that focuses on the safety of employees. In this respect, Audi is following the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute and the regulations of the health authorities of the respective country. “We will manage the restart as a joint European act. This is because supply chains and production and logistics processes are closely interlinked within the Group and with partners at the international level”, said Peter Kössler, Board of Management Member for Production, Audi.

Health protection measures at the plants will include clear rules on distance and hygiene, a modified shift system to avoid contact, and the obligation to use mouth and nose protection in areas where distances of 1.5 meters are not possible. Audi said it has also created physical barriers at critical workplaces. In door pre-assembly, for example, two employees work simultaneously on the same transport rack and stand directly opposite each other; the employees themselves have developed a transparent barrier made of plastic sheeting.

Vehicle production at the Audi sites is to be gradually ramped up from the end of April onwards according to a fixed plan. Engine production in Győr already started gradually ramping up again this week. For those employees at the factories in Germany who will only be able to resume their work fully in later phases of the restart, short-time working regulations will continue to apply until then.