Following previous efforts in 2023, activists have targeted Adidas at its recent AGM, pressuring the brand to stop using kangaroo leather.

In response, Ray Borda, President of the AWGIC, released the following statement: “The sports shoe industry is being targeted by emotive and misleading information spread by animal activist groups. The commercial kangaroo industry is calling out the false claims being circulated regarding kangaroo management and highlights the need for a greater understanding of the benefits of managing an overabundant species.

“The reality is these brands are effectively being ‘bullied’ by activist groups. These decisions are often influenced by emotionally charged and inaccurate campaigns by activist groups, rather than being grounded in the scientific evidence supporting the sustainability of the industry and the conservation of the kangaroo species.

“Kangaroo leather is one of the world’s most exquisite and lightweight leathers, providing consumers with outstanding performance and a beautiful product, all sourced sustainably and responsibly. Kangaroo leather is increasingly acknowledged as an eco-friendly option due to its durability, biodegradability, and sustainability. Other users of kangaroo leather are increasing their production in kangaroo due to the environmental benefits.

“Kangaroo numbers have to be managed to ensure their survival and the commercial industry is the way we do this sustainably and humanely. As kangaroo populations fluctuate in different conditions, they compete with each other and other animals for food, and put stress on agricultural land.

“The industry takes great pride in its high standards of excellence in animal welfare and sustainability. We adhere to government and scientific guidelines and fully comply with all regulations and codes. Upholding these standards is not only part of our core values but also in our best interest.”