According to ACARA, the Argentine Association of Car Sellers, a total of 76,700 new vehicles were delivered in the country in March 2017, representing the third best sales month since October 2013 when 88,900 units were sold, and behind January’s 2017 figures (95,200 units). Sales in the month of March 2017 represented a 36.4% increase over the previous month of February; attributed to aggressive discount strategies that led to a price war between car brands, together with more accessible financing facilities.

Pleased with the automotive sector’s performance, Dante Álvarez, President, ACARA, nevertheless thinks the Government should carry out a tax reform to boost the industry. “It is important that the Government encourages a tax reform because our sector suffers from disparities between some regions and cities, directly affecting the distributor’s margins”, he said.

Source : Automotive Business