During a media briefing on July 14, Tofail Ahmed, Commerce Minister, announced that Bangladesh plans to earn US$37 billion from exports in fiscal 2016-17, that is, an 8.06% growth.

The country recorded over US$34 billion in exports in the last fiscal year, up 10% from the previous year. Earnings are said to have exceeded target by US$743m.

According to Ahmed, among other sectors, the government expects to earn US$1.22 billion from leather and leather goods in the new fiscal year.

As reported by ILM, the country’s earnings totalled US$2.68 billion in April 2016, mainly thanks to higher shipments of garments, but also leather and leather goods, jute and jute goods and engineering products; narrowly beating the month’s target of US$2.67 billion.

Source: Dhaka Tribune