Collaborating with other business units within the BASF Group, the Leather Chemicals unit aspires to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to the tanneries to address current and future needs in the market. 

New Product Highlights:

For the first time BASF will showcase a car seat made from buffalo leather using the newly developed finishing top coat Astacin Novomatt DD, a combination of effluent treatment technology for tanneries and BASF’s latest beamhouse system DryFast, as well as new designs with leather using transfer coating technology.


Astacin Novomatt DD

Leathers finished with Astacin Novomatt DD are distinguished by a high matt degree, excellent jet-black appearance and a soft dry and silky feel. The new product performs a good flow out and fulfills the highest standards of physical fastness properties. It also imparts excellent anti-squeak properties. Astacin Novomatt DD is especially recommended for use on automotive and steering wheel leathers. This ecological product is formulated with zero add-on of N-methylpyrrolidine (NMP), N-ethylpyrrolidone (NEP), formaldehyde, tributyl tin compounds and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO).

Astacin Matting AR

Astacin Matting AR is a matt, waterborne aliphatic polyurethane dispersion based on polycarbonate and inorganic chemistry. Leathers finished with Astacin Matting AR are distinguished by excellent abrasion resistance, outstanding ethanol rubfastness properties and a high matt degree with a good jet black appearance. It is especially recommended for use on automotive and steering wheel leathers.

Lepton Enhancer CG & FG

Lepton Enhancer CG is a unique, expandable and ready to use “Beauty Coat” for the application on full grain leather. When applied, it upgrades low-quality crust leather by its excellent covering of grain defects without impairing the natural character of the crust leather. Lepton Enhancer CG covers the surface with a homogeneous coat without overloading the grain and retains the softness of the crust leather. It is recommended for all types of corrected grain leather made from low-quality raw material and particularly for automotive, upholstery and shoe upper leather. This product is formulated with zero add-on of NMP, NEP, formaldehyde, tributyl tin compounds and APEO.


DryFast Beamhouse system

For the first time in Chennai BASF will present its latest beamhouse system DryFast together with a selection of specialty chemicals for effluent treatment. DryFast reduces water consumption by up to 60%, produces cleaner effluents with sludge reduction by up to 50% and shortens process time by at least 12 hours compared to conventional beamhouse processes.

valure technology

valure technology is a special transfer coating technique that can be applied to a wide variety of high-quality flexible substrates, such as leather, to achieve surfaces with a unique character that are soft, warm to the touch, and visually attractive. AIM Filtertech, in Pune, is the first company globally to receive a technology license for the commercial production of valure. The production plant, which started up in July 2014, has an annual capacity of about 1.7 million square metres of valure and serves both the local and global markets.