Launching the Peltec range of beamhouse products, Lanxess has perfected the high performance products in all four areas of application – soaking, unhairing/liming, deliming and bating. This has been achieved by using product characteristics based on standardised measuring processes.

“We know from our experience and bulk scientifically controlled trials at the tanneries that our Peltec integrated solutions concept provides more efficiency, sustainability and quality in the beamhouse. This will give all our customers competitive advantages, opening up new mutual business opportunities. This includes best-in-class products, processes, expert advice and on-site technical service – worldwide”, says Arun Janakiram, Head of the Leather business unit at Lanxess India Private Limited.

The specialty chemicals company will be showcasing a real innovative leap forward at IILF – the X-Zyme process, which has been developed in an exclusive partnership with the Danish company Novozymes, the world market-leader for synthetically produced enzymes. The system which exploits two microbially based enzymes in soaking and liming that can considerably increase the quality of the hides, reduce the amount of waste and significantly improve the efficiency of the entire process. Hall 3, stand 3-03.