Bentley’s Mulliner Visualiser enables the car’s interior and exterior features and optional content to be configured and viewed with specialists remotely. The digital application allows customers to view images of bespoke leather, veneer and stitching options tailored by them, and ultimately to envision their own bespoke Bentley. Working with the retailer or Bentley’s own Mulliner designers, customers are able to configure up to three different colours to create their own interior design.

The digital application guides the customer, via their retailer, through the process and produces images of the final design in real time, providing feedback and confidence that their personalised design matches their vision and is part of the same on-screen experience. According to Bentley, the Mulliner Visualiser also allows customers to create or match a bespoke main leather colour and provides a reference code that can be sent directly to the craftspeople of Bentley Mulliner, who have curated their own range of paint colours, giving customers an additional 26 colours to choose from.