Results include an operating profit of €178 million, greater than any profit figure ever posted for a full-year period by the company. Moreover, retail sales increased by 50% from a pre-Covid 2019 figure of 4,785 to 7,199 in 2021. These sales were balanced between the company’s three model lines: Bentayga (2,767), Continental GT (2,318) and Flying Spur (2,063).

These positive results are set against a backdrop of continued uncertainty which could negatively impact the second half of 2021. The increasing Covid-19 numbers in many parts of the world could threaten future production in the worst case or see further retail restrictions posing both a sales and financial risk to forecasts.

Bentley’s revenue for the first six months of 2021 was €1.32 billion, up from a pre-Covid figure of €834.8 million in 2019. The operating result was €178 million and a subsequent return on sales of 13%, a record high return. Bentley’s previous record half-year performance was in 2014, with a revenue of €887 million and an operating result of €95.2 million. That year closed as Bentley’s most successful year with a profit of €170 million, already exceeded by the half-year point of 2021.

China (2,155) was Bentley’s biggest market for the first time in nearly a decade. The Americas (2,049) followed closely behind with Europe also performing strongly, delivering 1,142 cars. Both markets are anticipating the arrival of GT Speed and Bentayga S in the coming months. Asia Pacific retailed 778 cars, with Bentley’s home market in the UK contributing 554, marginally ahead of the Middle East, Africa and India on 521. Bentley’s network also increased, now covered by 240 retailers in 67 countries.