The over 1,700 members of staff are said to be following 250 comprehensive and wide-ranging hygiene and social distancing guidelines implemented to enable a safe return. Bentley said this represents the next stage in the company’s ‘Come Back Stronger’ programme, a phased production ramp up following what the manufacturer described as “the biggest changes to daily working life in the company’s 100-year history”. The remaining manufacturing workers, over 500, are anticipated to return by the middle of June based on current assumptions and government guidance.

The Bentayga and Mulsanne production lines are to be joined shortly by the return of the Continental GT and Flying Spur line. On each line, production is to be run at approximately 50% for a number of weeks as the takt time of each car, the average start time from one manufacturing stage to the next, has doubled. “We have a strong order bank, around eight months of customer orders to manufacture, established parts supply routes and patient customers who are looking to receive their cars as soon as possible. We will ramp up in a controlled, measured way to ensure we manage this continued demand, and look ahead and in spite of this interruption continue on our journey to lead sustainable luxury mobility in the future”, said Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO, Bentley Motors.