After the launch of its new Bentayga SUV, Bentley is said to not only update existing models such as the Mulsanne and Continental GT, but to produce two new ultra-premium luxury models, which aim to directly compete with the upper models of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

The British luxury car manufacturer is said to open up to a much larger audience than Bentley now serves, although some in the industry have raised concerns about diluting the image of exclusivity Bentley has long coveted.

Bentley’s sales have been achieving record levels in recent years, between 10,000 and 12,000 units delivered annually, but Michael Winkler, CEO, Bentley U.S, announced the company expects to do substantially better. “We think in six, seven, eight years we can double that”, said Winkler.

Wolfgang Durheimer, Global CEO, Bentley, has also expressed interest in adding a second SUV to the Bentley line-up; fitting with the broader global shift away from sedans, coupes and sports cars to SUVs and more car-like crossover-utility vehicles.

With growing pressure to go green, future models will certainly be lightweight, shedding the excess mass that has long been a Bentley hallmark, and the British car maker is to invest in fully electric drivetrain package.

Source: The Detroit Bureau