In his presentation, “Biobased chemical use in the tannery”, Zhong will give an overview of Henan Prosper Group’s operation and delve into the company’s experience having used bio-based chemicals in its tanning processes for the last six years and being among the first industry-wide adopters of bio-based technologies. He will explain the environmental and economic benefits of bio-based chemicals and how the finished products compare to conventional tanning methods. He will conclude by outlining the company’s future plans, which include extending the use of bio-based chemicals from currently lambskins to its new hide division, and put into context where the use of bio-based chemicals sits with regards to the Group’s sustainability commitment and environmental agenda.

Tom Zhong

About Tom Zhong
Tom Zhong is the Chief Technical Director for Henan Prosper Group, working on formulation and technical processes in lambskins from all over the world and hides mainly from Europe.
He has over 23 years of experience in the leather industry. In his role he is in constant communication with industry leading chemical companies to seek out better and more efficient technical processes to improve the materials’ technical standards and quality.
He has worked for Henan Prosper Group since 1997 and has worked with bio chemicals for more than 6 years. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Leather Technology from ShaanXi University of Science and Technology.

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