In a world where productivity and sustainability are the name if the game, BK Giulini’s latest offerings in terms of process, products and applications will help the tanners not only to reduce process water and time but also reduce chemical costs with an improvement in overall quality and physical properties, while adhering to stringent buyer specifications.

Polycarbonic acid based Utanit CF stabilises Chrome, making it possible to neutralize in the rechrome bath, saving precious process water and time. The product fixes chrome irreversibly in the inner layers of the leather; shifts the isoelectric point and helps achieve a complete neutralization at a lower pH.  This leads to a marked improvement in leather quality, while reducing washable Chrome and reducing chances of formation of Chrome VI.

New generation copolymer, Cortisan AD is designed to be used at low pH. It imparts outstanding grain tightness with a rubbery character; excellent whiteness with good heat & light fastness properties.

Cortisan D9, a new generation modified gluteraldehyde-polymer emulsion, can be used in any stage of leather manufacture to improve fullness, tightness and softness of the leathers.  Cortisan D9 increases exhaustion levels and helps reduces TDS in tannery effluent. Leathers made with and without Cortisan D9 show a visible difference in quality and this difference can be witnessed by a visit to the stall.

Concentrated Styrene Maleic copolymer, Cortisan SMR imparts excellent grain tightness and fullness at much lower dosage levels saving costs and improving the leather quality and cutting value for the tanners.

BK Giulini’s newest rendering of dicyandiamide based resin syntan, Recortan DC-136, is completely formaldehyde-free and imparts high degree of fullness and grain tightness, which is comparable to resin syntans containing free-formaldehyde.

Recortan WW, based on pure dihydroxy diphenyl sulphone is a tanning, retanning and whitening syntan with very high degree of light & heat fastness. Tanners will find this product apt for making high performance leathers with highest requirement of heat and light fastness.

Syncolix Soft CQ is a very efficient, special compound, designed to drastically reduce water consumption, formulation time and production costs. The entire spectrum of leathers from natural dry milled to high quality nubucks made using this compact will be on display.

Eureka ATF is the latest offering from Atlas Refinery for high performance automotive leathers that require very low fogging values coupled with high light and heat fastness.

All articles on display at the booth are specifically developed with recipes that are cost-efficient, reduce time and reduce process water. A variety of American type pull-up leathers will also be on display.

Visit BK Giulini and Atlas Refinery at the IILF 2015 Hall 2, stand 2-04-A.