These include food grade polyphosphates Germol SW and Coriagen CRII Neu, which improve the efficiency and consistency of beamhouse processes by allowing soaking and liming processes in the same bath, reducing water and time.

Polycarbonic acid-based Utanit CF stabilises chrome, making it possible to neutralise in the rechrome bath, again saving process water and time. The product also fixes chrome irreversibly in the inner layers of the leather, shifts the iso electric point and helps achieve a complete neutralisation at a lower pH. This results in a marked improvement in leather quality, while reducing washable chrome and reducing chances of formation of chrome VI.

Syncolix Soft CQ is a very efficient compound, designed to drastically reduce water consumption, formulation time and production costs. The entire spectrum of leathers from natural dry milled to high quality nubucks made using this compact will be on display.

Electrolyte stable polymer compounded fatliquor Atlastan PL is designed for the production of soft and tight leathers. This product, specially developed for leathers originating from India and Brazil, has a unique tendency to hold the grain while keeping the leathers well lubricated.

BK Giulini and Atlas Refinery will also showcase cost-efficient wet-white/metal-free leathers, tanned with Coriagen ST81 and Recortan SB Liquid, along with American type pull-up leathers.

Hall 2, stand 2-04-A