Out in the market for the past seven years, the BMW i3 is the world’s best-selling compact electric car. At the CES in Las Vegas, the carmaker is showcasing a mobility experience tailored entirely to the passenger’s individual needs; the standard BMW i3 underwent a complete transformation, with only the driver’s seat and dashboard left untouched, so that its interior now has the “relaxed feel of a boutique hotel”. The innovative and sustainable mobility concept also seeks to demonstrate that luxury travel in the future will have nothing to do with vehicle size. The car features coach doors for ease of entry, and there is no rear bench seat in the BMW i3 Urban Suite; its place taken by an amply sized, petrol-coloured lounge chair offering the ultimate in seating comfort.

The omission of a front passenger seat in the electric car means that legroom for the sole passenger in the rear is generous. BMW says that “rethinking sustainability”, all the buttons in the cabin are manufactured without the use of chrome and the same applies to the thermoelectric cup holders and the table lamp. The table and bag tray are both made of oiled oak from a certified timber supplier, and the leather trim is made from olive leather. Recycled materials feature prominently in the car’s cabin, and the fabric upholstery inside the vehicle is made purely of recycled PET material and at least 70% of the fleece lining underneath has also been recycled.