A total of 41 Brazilian footwear brands participated at Expo Riva Schuh on June 11-14, compared with 23 brands in June 2015, generating an estimated US$26 million in sales.

According to Ruísa Korndorfer Scheffel, Commercial Promotion Analyst at Abicalçados, the Brazilian Shoe Manufacturers Association, about US$2 million was generated directly during the event, representing about 100,000 pairs of shoes.

Buyers from 70 different countries are said to have visited the Brazilian brands, particularly from Italy, Russia, England, Portugal, Poland and Israel.

In terms of timing positioning of the trade fair, Scheffel says that “it is correct to meet distributors and develop the products according to the market”.

Despite the lower number of visitors felt by the Brazilian exhibitors, the number of orders are more important for this edition. “It seems the clients are more cautious in terms purchase assertiveness. They evaluate the negotiations more carefully to be sure there will be a retail success”, said Scheffel.