According to the Hides and Skins Exports released by SECEX, Brazil’s Foreign Trade Secretariat, March’s figures are 19.5% higher over the previous month of February, when total hide exports amounted to US$ 161.2 million. In terms of square metres, a total of 20.2 million sq m of hides were shipped in March 2017, up +17.2% year-on-year (March 2016: 17.2 million sq m). Click here for February 2017 figures.

In terms of value, exports of finished leather constituted 59.1% of total exports in March, followed by wet-blue (29,9%), crust (6.9%), and split (3.9%). Between January and March 2017, exports of wet-salted and wet-blue increased +32.6% and +2.9%, respectively, compared with the corresponding period the previous year, while exports of crust and finished declined -38.8% and 3.3%, respectively, in the period.

The top four destinations remained unchanged in the month, with China (including Hong Kong) representing 31.2% of the total export share, followed by Italy (16.4%), the U.S. (15.3%) and Vietnam (8.7%).