The latest edition features a new fashion editorial associated with Brazilian leather.

The 147 page Brazilian Leather book is available in print in Portuguese and English. It is also available online, via the CICB website

The editorial features articles on fashion, design, sustainability and the unique characteristics of leather produced in Brazil, but it brings new data, case studies and interviews. There is also a new fashion editorial, whose images illustrate the entire Brazilian Leather project. The editorial was put together in Ibiraquera, a well-known summer resort located in the state of Santa Catarina, featuring model Janaina Nilson and clothes designed by Rio de Janeiro’s fashion stylist Patrícia Viera – whose articles are exclusively made of Brazilian leather and whose story of success in the fashion world is also featured in the book.

The production of the Brazilian Leather book – which, in 2013, was awarded at the Salão da Propaganda Gaúcha, in the Graphic Design category.