A ‘Pact for Integrity’ was also signed with companies and agribusiness organisations represented by the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA). “Today, we take another step to improve the agro-institutional environment and make it even more efficient”, said the President in his speech. According to Baggi, the seal is a new management tool that will increasingly open the Brazilian market, so that it can be internationally recognised for the quality of its agriculture and livestock, as well as for the development of research in these sectors.

Under the ‘Pact for Integrity’, companies such as beef producers will be able to use the ‘Agro Mais Integridade’ seal on its products, commercial sites, advertisements and publications.

The programme has been launched after a series of corruption scandals were made public since the beginning of 2017, including an investigation that unveiled how some inspectors overlooked outdated and tainted meat, some of which were exported.

Sources: Noticias Agricolas